Stupid Scottish thug robs pizza delivery boy with giant blade


A DIM thief ordered a pizza using his own mobile phone, before threatening delivery people with a foot-long blade.

Jordan Lynch, 24, gave his own address, before “correcting” himself and giving the number of the house next door, a court heard.


Jordan Lynch used his own phone to order pizza, then threatened the delivery guy with a bladeCredit: CASCADE
He ordered pizza from Nazar Takeaway in Fife when he robbed the delivery driver


He ordered pizza from Nazar Takeaway in Fife when he robbed the delivery driverCredit: CASCADE

Takeaway owners Ahsan and Mohsan Javid arrived with the £10.30 spicy chicken pizza and were confronted by Lynch, who was hiding bins, wearing a black balaclava and wielding a long-bladed weapon.

He shouted, “Just give me the food”. They put the pizza back and ran away.

Lynch made the call from his own phone, with the number recorded by the store’s checkout and printed on his order.

When the pizza delivery staff arrived, Lynch leapt from behind a trash can brandishing a foot-long blade and demanded that they hand it to him.

Tax MP Claire Bremner told Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court that Lynch phoned the Nazar Turkish Takeaway in Leslie shortly before midnight.

She said the takeaway owners drove together to Lynch’s home on Aitken Road, Glenrothes in Fife, as it was the last delivery of the night.

She said: “As they entered the garden (of the neighbour’s house), they became aware of the accused crouching behind a bin next to the shed.

“He stood up and raised a long-bladed weapon – described as being a foot long – above his head and shouted just give me the food”. His face was covered with a black hood.

“The accused walked towards the two witnesses and they thought he was going to hit them with the weapon.

“The two witnesses turned and ran but stopped a short distance away.

“Once again, the accused approached and raised the weapon above his head.

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“Witness Ahsan handed the pizza box to the defendant and backed away and the defendant fled into an alley.”

Lynch, of Aitken Road, Glenrothes, admitted to assaulting Ahsan and Mohsan Javid by repeatedly brandishing a knife at them and stealing a pizza from them on July 13.

Solicitor David Bell said the offense was particularly serious for a first-time offender.

He said Lynch had a diazepam problem, which stemmed from the death of a family member, and had little close support because his mother lives overseas.

The sentence was postponed for the reports.

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