Papa Johns launches bags inspired by pizza delivery and free NFTs


The Latest Meta Fashion Accessories Just Dropped Free In Papa Johns’ Food Meet Fashion Collab With 19,840 NFTs

Papa Johns’ first NFT collection transforms the traditional pizza bag into a fashion accessory for an evening in the Metaverse.

With hot bag designs on offer including the ‘Papa 1984’, ‘Papa Cheese Melt’ and ‘Papa Tag’, each available in three colors, pizza and fashion fans can all get a slice of the current hype. of NFTs.

The NFT ‘Papa 1984’ bag is inspired by the Gen Z trend for insulated streetwear, with echoes of thermal pizza warmer bags, blended together as a unique fashion accessory.

With a logo repeat and a convenient, adjustable shoulder strap along the handle of the tote, this NFT design comes in three block colorways, complete with a pop color label.

NFT ‘Papa Cheese Melt’ and Papa Tag’ bags incorporate street art graffiti graphics with dance fashion styling, to spotlight the hip-hop scene around the same time Papa Johns opened its doors in 1984.

The NFT Hot Bags are the second ironic fashion collection from Papa Johns, who last year took one of the world’s favorite cheeses – cheddar – and elevated it to fashion status with his own streetwear collection, sold via the international fashion market Depop.

A limited number of Real World Hot Bags will also be sold on Depop at with one also available to earn on the NFT microsite by someone who uses an NFT between March 1 and April 12, 2022.

Papa Johns NFT hot bags were created on Tezos, an energy efficient blockchain, which means that NFTs are also energy efficient.

The NFT bags will launch on multiple launch dates in early March and the total number of 19,840 is inspired by the date Papa Johns was founded in 1984.


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