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NEW YORK, January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — To celebrate National Pizza Day, more than 200 pizzerias across the country will come together on Wednesday February 9 to feed the hungry through the Pizza Across America campaign of Slice Out Hunger and World Pizza Champions.

First developed by member World Pizza Champions Carmine Testa along with his sons Michael and Nicky, known nationally as the Jersey Pizza Boys, and the non-profit organization Slice Out Hunger, the campaign began in 2018. This is the program’s fifth year .

“We want to encourage pizza restaurants to donate and deliver at least ten large pizzas to local food banks, shelters or care centers of their choice,” said Mike Bausch, Vice President of World Pizza Champions. “Our members are the most award-winning pizzerias in the country and we are all heavily involved in our communities, so this is our way of leading by example.”

Co-founder of Pizza Across America Carmine Testa believes this program is an important way for pizza restaurants, which depend on local customers, to give back and support their communities locally, even at a time when restaurants are hurting. “In my eyes, the best way to celebrate National Pizza Day is to help others and give back to our local communities,” Testa said. “We are so grateful for the support of every pizzeria, and without their support, this pizza night wouldn’t be so epic!”

The process for delivering pizza donations in each state will be handled by Slice Out Hunger, a New York-based nonprofit founded by Scott Wiener (from Scott’s Pizza Tours). “I was excited about the idea of ​​the Jersey Pizza Boys when Carmine first introduced it to me in 2018,” says Wiener, “but this year it’s even more critical to tackle the growing problem of food insecurity in our country”.

Hormel Foods will sponsor deliveries from select participating Pizza Across America pizzerias. Pizzerias interested in participating can find information at http://www.sliceouthunger.org/paa.

About the World Pizza Champions

The World Pizza Champions™ team is a US-based multinational non-profit made up of elite pizza professionals. Through international competitions, outreach activities, public demonstrations and community service, the team is dedicated to promoting pizza making as a respected craft and viable career choice. For more information, visit http://www.worldpizzachampions.com.

About Slice Out Hunger

Slice Out Hunger is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that produces pizza-related events and campaigns in support of America’s hunger relief and prevention efforts. The organization raised more than $1.3M to fight food insecurity in the United States For more information, visit http://www.sliceouthunger.org.

Media Contact

Scott Wiener, Slice Hunger, +1 (347) 868-7701, [email protected]

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