Mom speechless after pizza delivery man’s vile voicemail


A pizza delivery driver was fired after sending an abusive message to a mom.

Emily Ross ordered a pizza and a kebab after a night out with friends on January 22.

The 24-year-old said she intended to pay cash but fell asleep at the top of the stairs before her food arrived.

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She said: “I passed out at the top of the stairs and didn’t hear him knock or my phone ring.

“I don’t even remember calling and placing the order. I don’t even know how I was able to utter a sentence.

“I was devastated when I realized I had missed him. I was starving.”

The mother-of-one claims she went on the phone to Pasha Pizza the following morning to arrange payment but found she had received an angry voicemail from Sunderland-based takeaways.

The 14-second message from the delivery driver read: “It’s Pasha Pizza. You’re not answering your f*****g motherf*****g phone.

“Don’t call my shop b*****d stupid f****r again.”

Emily, from Sunderland, admitted she would not send any payment after the rant.

She added: “I just thought ‘what the hell?

“I was laughing, luckily I found it funny and it didn’t bother me. I didn’t take it too seriously.

“It was so funny, I can’t believe how he got off. I’ve never heard anything like it before.

“I was going to phone and pay because I would never do that normally, it must be awful when people don’t pay.

“If I was doing takeout I would be frustrated if that happened because I bet they lose a lot of money.

“But I thought maybe I couldn’t call and say I called to pay but got this voicemail.”

Emily said she saw the funny side after hearing the expansive message

Emily posted the recording on Facebook and the video has since racked up 10,000 shares.

She said: “I didn’t expect it to go this far.

“Everyone finds it hilarious, some people said it was cheeky and I should rush out and ask who they’re talking to but I didn’t take it too seriously.

“Some people would be offended, but luckily it didn’t bother me.

“I have never ordered there before and was looking forward to it.

“I normally pay by credit card but I was going to pay in cash that’s probably why he was raging. It must be awful when people order and don’t answer the phone.”

Pasha Pizza confirmed the takeout is “aware of the presence of online voicemail” and has since fired the delivery driver who sent the message.

A spokesperson said: “This is not how we would operate under any circumstances.

“The lady in question called the store at 12:31 a.m. on January 23, 2022, 30 minutes after closing hours and begged us to take her order.

“We kindly agreed and kept five of our staff working after they were ready to go home, we turned the equipment back on and placed their order.

“However, when our driver arrived at her house, there were people inside the house and he could clearly hear them laughing, he kept knocking but no one answered the door.

“He then returned to the store and was instructed to call the customer back in case he gave the wrong address, again there was no response.

“It continued with the store trying to contact her until 1.27am. The driver then lost his temper and unfortunately left an angry voicemail.”

The restaurant also said it has been inundated with abuse from people who have seen the clip online since the rude rant went viral.

The spokesperson said: “Since this incident, we have experienced over 100 harassment calls at the store.

“We also had people saying they know where the owner lives and even one person sent messages and threatened to come to the owner’s home and even stated the name of the owner’s neighbour.

“Due to all of this, we had to contact the police who are now dealing with this situation due to the harassment and threats made.”

Northumbria Police have been contacted for comment.

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