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Prateek Pande is a young man from Pune who buys a luxurious apartment and also owned an amazing Audi Q7 in just 4-5 months. Initially, his family suffered from serious financial problems. Her father was a security guard in a restaurant and her mother was a cook. So how does this drastic change in status come about? How does Prateek make so much money to buy luxury modern flat wheels?

Here is the story of Prateek…

“I am Prateek Pande who is staying in Pune. We are a family of 5 at home, my parents and three siblings. I am the middle among us. My older sister is married and my younger brother is studying. My father works as a security guard in a restaurant and my mother cooks in a bungalow in the neighborhood.

One day, during working hours, my father had a heart attack. People admitted him to the hospital and informed us. We rush to the hospital. The doctors strictly told us not to allow her to go to work anymore because of her weak heart problems.

This was shocking news for us, and we were all devastated by the news. So I decided to work something and help support my family. My mother was working, but her income is not enough to take care of us.

I joined as a delivery person in one of the pizzerias. The amount was modest, but it could help my family and support my mother. Since I was not interested in studying and with no education, no one would give me a decent job so I decided to take the delivery job.

One day I received an order from a high level region. I went to deliver their order. A teenager opened the door to receive the order. There were a few more people inside the house when I heard voices. The guy told me to wait, and he went to bring the payment. I heard conversations from people inside the house. They were talking about an investment of the huge sum they had received 10 minutes before through an online gaming platform. I was surprised. The amount was Rs. 200,000. I was shocked to hear the amount. Out of curiosity, I went inside the house for a bit and saw the guys discussing things on their laptop screens. I saw graphs, images and numbers displayed on their screens. I didn’t recognize the name because I was far from them. The guy who went to take the payment came out and he gave me Rs. 2000, but the actual bill was Rs. 1600, and he told me to keep the change. This surprised me too!

When I got home, I was thinking about the online gaming platform. After getting home, the first thing I did was pick up my phone and search for the online gaming platform. Came across the Dealer777 website and found the same pictures and graphics I saw on the guys laptop screen.

I started reading all the details on the website. How to play games? What are the rules? How much money to deposit, and also studied their rules and regulations. I opened a demo account where I instantly received a virtual amount. I quickly understood what to do. The procedure was very easy. I made money after my first trade, which boosts my confidence. So I decided to open a real account on the dealer777 site.

I opened a real account and deposited the money earned into this account. When I get up in the morning, I saw that Rs.40000 was earned by me and deposited in my account last night. I had gone mad with joy. I told the whole story to my parents. My mom was very happy but my dad told me to check if the website is genuine or fake or maybe fraud or scam.

I also felt this must have been a joke or a scam so; I went to the website and checked 10 times. Read all instructions, rules and regulations again and again. I found Dealer777 to be a verified and 100% safe online gambling platform where people can win instant money just by sitting at home. There are over 50 sports and over 4000 casino games. the website also offers bonuses, exciting offers and instant cashback programs. You can also contact the customer support team if you have any issues, and the team will fix your problem in seconds.

I then paid all my debts happily and after 4-5 months I got a luxurious apartment in one of the famous areas of Pune. After a few months, I reserved the AudiQ7 car which was my brother’s dream car. Now my mother has stopped working and is living a good and happy life. I am grateful to God for showering his blessings on our family.

Kudos to Dealer777!


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