Colorado pizza delivery driver Cyrus Warren arrested for allegedly harassing Tween customer – CBS Denver


FORT COLLINS (CBS4) – A former Domino’s Pizza delivery driver has been arrested and is charged with harassment, attempted trespassing and sexual assault after interactions with a teenage boy and another woman. Cyrus Warren, 21, was arrested after Fort Collins police said he tried to make advances to a teenage client shortly after he allegedly sexually assaulted another woman.

Cyrus Warren (Credit: Fort Collins Police)

According to FCPS, a teenager from the Village Garden Apartments ordered a pizza from Domino’s in December 2021.

A few weeks later, on December 22, Warren again delivered pizza to the same apartment. This time a younger sister answered the door. When Warren delivered the pizza, the girl said he asked for a hug. He then picked her up during the hug, according to the girl. He asked the girl if her parents were home, then gave the girl her contact information, police said.

In February 2022, Warren reportedly showed up at the apartment again, this time without pizza or a uniform. He asked if the parents were home, then asked to use the bathroom. The girl said no and closed the door, locking it. According to police, Warren then attempted to enter by shoving the doorknob and repeatedly knocking on the door.

The family called Domino’s to report their concerns and a manager told them that Warren had quit months before. The police were notified by Domino staff and arrested Warren for attempted trespassing and harassment.

During their investigation, they learned that Warren was associated with the sexual assault of an acquaintance in December 2021. A friend agreed to go out with Warren, but accused him of driving her to a secluded place where he sexually assaulted her.

Warren was also charged with sexual assault.

Warren reportedly offered her babysitting services to others before the investigations. Police fear there are other victims.

“This suspect has exhibited disturbing behavior, and we won’t stop until every victim has had the opportunity to seek justice,” said Deputy Chief Tim Doran, who leads the Criminal Investigations Division. “I am extremely grateful for the proactive and ongoing support from Domino’s staff. Even though Warren no longer worked for them, they immediately reported the client’s concerns to law enforcement and continued to work with us to keep our community safe.


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