Akron pizza delivery driver set up and robbed at gunpoint during delivery


AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) – An Akron pizza delivery driver was set up by a group of crooks and robbed at gunpoint.

The 18-year-old Marco’s Pizza delivery driver was just doing his job: delivering pizza. When he arrived at the delivery address on Mila Court he knew something was wrong because the house was clearly boarded up.

“We’re at 2474 Manchester Road but we’re Marcos Pizza,” the store manager said during a 911 call. “One of my drivers just got robbed during a delivery.”

It happened Wednesday evening a little after 9 o’clock. When the driver arrived at the house and saw that no one was there he got out of the car to try to call for the correct address, that’s when two men came out from behind a house opposite. the street and approached him.

“About 5′10 tall,” the store manager told the 911 dispatcher. “One was really fat and chubby. Orange hoodie. The other had a black hoodie and they had masks on.

The 18-year-old delivery driver told police one of the men pretended to look for money to pay for the pizza while the other suspect tried to get into his car. When he noticed the other man had pulled out a gun. The driver then says four men got into his car and started driving away. The 18-year-old jumped on the bonnet of his own car in an attempt to stop thieves from stealing it. The thieves started driving then stopped abruptly. The pizza delivery guy fell off the hood. The suspects got out and jumped into a getaway car. Reports say they managed to steal his iPhone 12 before taking off in a gray SUV.

“Honestly, I was a little scared when I heard the commotion around the house,” said Brandy Preston, who lives in the neighborhood where the robbery took place. “I didn’t want to look out the window too much because you don’t know if they have a gun or not, but there’s been a lot of criminal activity in that neighborhood.”

The delivery driver escaped with a few minor scratches. Detectives are still working to identify suspects, if you have any information contact Akron Police.

On Wednesday evening, a Marco pizza delivery man was delivering food when he was ambushed by a group of armed men.(Kelly Kennedy)

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