A pizza delivery driver has been shot in the head and crashed into a home in Pennsylvania. ambush


A pizza delivery boy still in his car was shot in the head and then crashed into the house. Pennsylvania police say he was framed.

As 6ABC reports, it happened around 8 p.m. Monday near the 1400 block of West Mayfield Street in North Philadelphia.

The 40-year-old driver making a scheduled delivery on this block was shot in the head and then crashed into a house at 15th and Mayfield streets.

At last report, the driver was listed in “extremely critical condition” with “serious injuries”, according to 6ABC.

Philadelphia police told the news station that the entire ambush was caught on surveillance video. However, the suspect is still at large. (Additional details below)


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6ABC quotes Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small as saying this about the shooting:

“You can clearly see the delivery driver moving west on the 1400 block of Mayfield. You see in a vacant lot, a man seems to be crouching down and hiding. Then when our delivery driver pulls up on the block our assailant clearly steps out of the vacant lot, walks to the driver’s door, points his gun at the window which is rolled down and shoots this delivery driver in the head .

After the shooting, the driver’s vehicle speeds down the street, jumps a curb and crashes into a house. Residents were not injured, but the house’s foundation was damaged, 6ABC reports.

No food or money was taken from the driver, police said.

The investigation is continuing.


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